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Flickr / Håkan Dahlström

(Flickr / Håkan Dahlström)

On these pages you will find a collection of interesting tidbits on the various aspects of the impact cratering process. Our main topic is ”impact craters in Finland”, but you will find also adjacent topics, such as other craters, asteroids, meteorites and collisions and explosions in general.

We are in the process of writing a science book about Finnish impact structures for both layman and professionals. On these pages you will find excerpts from the book-to-be, a research journal which is updated regularly, and other things relevant to the interesting world of cratering.

There will eventually be two versions of the book – one in Finnish and the other in English.

The top menu links refer to

  • The Book – What the book is going to be all about
  • The Authors – Who we are and how come we are doing this
  • The Diary – The research journal, our thoughts and doings
  • Links – Helpful crater related things from all around the web
  • Contact – Get in touch with us!
  • In English – This information page

Although these pages are mainly in Finnish, all main points of all posts are given also in English summaries. You can also try translating the pages using Google if you are really inerested in seeing what the rest is all about. If nothing else, at least you would get a good laugh. 🙂

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